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Familie Mochèl 1915

Family Mochèl in the Netherlands

The genealogical father of the family Mochèl in the Netherlands is Peter, who was born june 7 1814 at Weinheim Germany and who died at Putten (Netherlands) on february 27, 1872. In 1838 he reported as militair to join the Dutch army. From 1838 till 1860 he has served in Suriname. In the books of the army his name was written Peter Mögel. On february 8, 1866 at the age of 51 years, he married Janna Visch who was 24 years old at the time. In the weddingbook his name was Peter Mochel. From this marriage two children were born; a boy named Peter and a daughter named Steventje. A picture dating from about 1915 is showing Peter Mochèl with his wife Mechteldje van Panhuis and their 10 children, from left to right; Andries, my father Klaas(below), Gerrit, Jannetje, Jan, Peter jr., Janna, Jacob, Evertje en Barend. From the archives of the Evangelische Kirchengemeindeamt at Weinheim it appears that the name Mochèl could have written as Megel, Mögel, Möchel and Moegel. The genealogical tree from Weinheim is as follows:

Johan Michael Möchel
Johanna Gruber
Ludwig Klosterbecker
Anna Maria Köhler
Jakob Möchel
Anna Klosterbecker
Georg Valentin
   Johanna Antonia
Johann Nikolaas
Klaas van Panhuis
Johan Michael was master saddlemaker and Jakob was saddlemaker as well. The family was, according to the archives from Weinheim, 'neu angehender und zugezogen Bürger'. Where the family originated from is not stated unfortunetely. This is what we would like to know so much. Presumably they originated from the Alsace-Lorraine, where the familyname is quite common. The absence of a death certificate of Johanna Antonia and Johan Nikolaas reveals that they must have left Weinheim as well.
Of the evolving family Mochèl, in the Netherlands, a booklet has been made.

On our search on the internet for the familyname "Mochel" is considered a concept in the Torah (Rambam). Being 'Mochel' (his honor) or (to ask forgiveness). There is even written: God himself was 'Mochel' (not to be turned around). Through this site we hope to reach distant family members who, in turn, can inform us about other family members.

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Hieronder onze STAMBOOM. Met voorouders van de Veluwe zoals Familie Visch, Van het Veld, Bosch èn Van Panhuis. Mechteldje van Panhuis is mijn grootmoeder. Haar zoon Klaas is mijn vader. Op de foto rechtsboven Klaas van Panhuis, broer van mijn oma, hij was koetsier.

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